The walled village of La Moleta commands the southernmost reaches of the MontsiĆ  Mountains. Attributed to the Ilercavones Iberian tribe, the settlement controlled a sizeable section of the Ebro Delta. During its occupation, between the 7th and 2nd century BC, it became an important post from which to trade luxury items with other Mediterranean peoples.

The layout of its urban planning system, defined by a closed nucleus with ring roads and a monumental defence system, leads us to believe that its inhabitants were namely chiefs or leaders of the tribe which controlled the area's surplus production, primarily grains, for trade purposes. The settlement's archaeological artefacts are on display at the Casa O'Connor Visitor's Centre in Alcanar and the MontsiĆ  Regional Museum.

La Moleta del Remei forms part of the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia's Iberian Route.