Raised atop remnants of the Roman city of Baetulo, the Badalona Museum constitutes one of Catalonia's largest covered archaeological areas. In one single enclosure, it houses the Roman termae and an extensive tract of the Roman city's urban truss, founded around 80 BC, an indispensable destination to understand daily Roman life.
The in situ preservation of the Roman ruins, along with a museum display that combines light and sound effects, atmosphere and tactile perception, submerging visitors into a world of sensations which transports them to Roman times, are the prominent features in this visit to Badalona's subsoil, without overlooking the significant collection lining the Museum's halls. The exhibit showcases material unearthed in the Clos de la Torre area in the mid 1950s and artefacts discovered during the numerous archaeological interventions that are constantly underway at various points around the urban nucleus of the Roman city of Baetulo, along with other enclaves within its jurisdiction.