Located in the historic centre of the city of Balaguer, the La Noguera Museum holds a sizeable archaeological and artistic archive. However, besides this historic and artistic tour, the Museum lends visitors a chance to understand the influence Islam has had on Catalonia between prehistory and modern times.

Prominent artefacts from the archaeological archive, replete with findings unearthed during excavations on the region's sites and monuments, include prehistoric material from the Roca dels Bous in Llorenç de Montgai and the Parco d'Alós cave in Balaguer, protohistoric findings from La Pedrera de Vallfogona in Balaguer and La Colomina in Gerb, Visigothic remains from El Bovalar in Serós and medieval material from the Formós Castle, Pla d'Almatà and historic centre, all in Balaguer.

The Museum is also part of the Museum Network  Terres de Lleida i Aran .